We are somewhat sad to be heading back to the coast as it means the ending of our french holiday but happy to be heading back to the sea and coastal area. We break the journey in a quiet little aire in Montbizot in a quiet little village. This is the best example of how basic and easy it is to provide a small overnite parking area with dump facilities and the chance to spend a little money in the local economy. The rest of the world should take stock of this for the growing campervan tourist industry. As it is raining we just relax and catch up on a few things and revell in a spring cleaned van and knowing all the rain is flowing nicely off the polished outside surfaces.

Vicki has pegged the coastal area of Hirel which we liked earlier as we travelled through as a likely stop. We passed here on the way to Cancale and like there this is heavily into the oyster industry. We find the large open aire with a few vans but not as many as we thought, possibly as the french like the free aires but dont think there are any around. We have to pay and no electricity but get to dump our toilet waste. Never mind, swings & roundabouts with cost.

This area has huge tidal flow hence the oyster and mussel beds and the beachfront goes for miles. It is a bit windy as we walk to the town area which is opposite the beach, not really a swimming beach, but great for walking, collecting welks in the sand and popular with the wind buggies. I spy a seafood outlet and we order 1 1/2 dozen oysters to eat on the beach but we decide instead to have a beer each and crisps and keep the oysters for tea with a whole sole each and salad. We were going to have a beer at a bar but same price as a beer each and crisps from the Spar and the oysters so this is better value as we sit and enjoy the view across the bay to Cancale. This is an area we would like to stay if only for the long walks along the beach but tomorrow we are heading north up around to the Normandy coast.  Before we set off in the morning we have a lovely walk along the beach and wonder at the thousands of shells that are washed up on the shore.  It is a slightly cool morning compared to the many hot ones of late so quite a pleasant change.

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