We drove through Biarritz 7 years ago but neither of us can remember what we saw and what it was like but remember we really loved it. The little aire that we are at is too far from the old town to go in. Scot has a walk down to the beach before it gets dark and comes back saying it is lovely. Again the heat gets to us overnight as it doesnt go below about 26 all night. All our windows are open and the light from lamp posts come in since we cant close blinds either. Im feeling rather drained by this stage. We get up and go for a morning swim to cool down. I have found another aire in Biarritz that is closer to the old town so we pack up and head down there still in swimmers.

We get to this aire and the barrier wont let us in. It doesnt like our English debit card which is a pain. We know that card service stations dont like it either but we havent had a problem yet at aires. We have 2 vans behind us who come to see what the problem is and they pay for us and i give them the cash. There arent a lot of people here, but there is a slight amount of shade under trees by the road so we park there. (Actually an incredibly dumb move we learn later)

We change and head into Biarritz on our bikes, but it is all uphill and i just cant manage it in the heat. So I walk the bike up. At least that part is all downhill on the way back. As we get around the seaward side our memories come flooding back. The water looks to die for, crystal clear and beautiful. This area has always been the playgound of the rich and famous on this side if France. Looking at the people swimming in the sea, its like salivating at a nice meal, but we didnt bring our togs.

What a lovely place this is. We think we will stay another day and come back for a swim tomorrow. As we walk around the northern side of the beaches, an elderly lady is knocked down on a crossing by a fellow on a bike. My first reaction was to get an umbrella over her as in that heat she could die with shock and dehydration, but how do you steal someones beach umbrella and explain what its for when you havent learnt those words yet. I felt helpless, but several people were taking care of her and it was about 5mins later a slsc person grabbed an umbrella off the beach. The fellow who hit her just got on his bike and took off. After i wished id had my camera ready to get his licence plate, what a bastard. It was quite some time before we heard the ambulance as well even though i knew they had been called.

We had a cold beer and picked up our bikes and went home. We changed and went to the beach for a swim. Half of Spain is at this little beach as you couldnt even swim without someone being in your way, but it was refreshing.

Still hot we left all our windows open. 30deg at 10pm is no joke. Then at 11pm the f**ken bastards starting doing roadworks right behind us. They had a concrete roadcutter that was a constant very loud grinding noise all night. We tried to close the windows but it was unbearably hot. Scot wanted to pack up and leave but by this time after midnight neither of us was in any shape to drive safely. These guys went on until about 4am at which point it had cooled to about 26deg which, with wet facecloths and closed windows we managed an hour or two of sleep.

So the plan to stay was aborted as we realised the digging was to start the next night. Such a shame as we loved Biarritz, but this left a bad taste in our mouth. We didnt want to leave the area as we want to make sure both our dental jobs settle nicely before moving on. The only safe decision is to go back to Vieux Boucau Les Bains where we know it will be quiet and the weather will be cooler so we can get some desperately needed sleep!

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  1. Hot nights in a small space aren’t any fun. Can you set-up a little portable fan in the van to move the air a bit?

    Maybe drink some more wine before bed to help you to go to sleep!


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