Everywhere we travel now we are often confronted by huge harvesters, tractors and other sorts of farm machinery on the roads and in the paddocks. All the wheat on the farms look to be ready and everywhere you look you see the big rolls of chaff left after the wheat has been cut off waiting to be collected up. I just love the look of them in the paddocks. It is obviously an incredibly busy time for farmers as they harvest their crops. The wine growers are also about 3 weeks ahead of time due to the very hot summer they have had this year so grapes will be getting picked early too. Some of the harvesters we see look like something from out of war of the worlds to me.

We have been told that Troyes is a nice town and there is a large carpark handy so we will get another big town fix. The main area is a mix of old and new and the cathederal away from the square is very ornate with detailed cornices, statues and beautiful colourful stained glass windows. Even though we have seen heaps and they are in every village, town and city somehow we are drawn to them but more for their beauty rather than the faith. In a hot busy town they are a cool and quiet haven for 10 minutes or so.

We head back to the main square check out the info centre to save walking trying to find the main sites. There is not really anything as a must see but Vicki has seen that there is meant to be a cat street so of course she wants to play cat mother. However we are told that the Rue Des Chat is not a cat haven but a street that slowly had the buildings fall together which has enabled the cat population to jump between the houses for centuries. Looking at all the bird feathers I am sure that it also lets them catch a few fat roosting pigeons! Talking of pigeons & doves there doesnt seem to be hardly any around in France that we have seen in nearly every place in Europe. We have a cold drink in a quiet bar, check out a few souvenir shops then head back to the van. Troyes does have a lovely feel to it and we are glad we stopped.

Vicki has picked out a free aire in a little village so we pull in about 5ish. There are a couple of vans already there but also a few kids on their 2 strokes and cars, and while we are there a few more turn up being the school holidays. We spy a kebab shop so decide to have an early tea but by the time it is ready the area next to us is full of teenages and a bit older,  noisy with doof doof music, screams of bikes & cars so we say bugger this they will be at it all night so find another aire which unfortunately costs but at least it will be quiet as it is on a farm area, lots of room and a shower and electricity for coffee in the morning. After a nice quiet night sleep we head off  towards Fontainebleau.

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