We took advantage of the showers again and wash in luxury before heading off after our coffee, which we take full advantage when when we have electricity plus the Nespresso brand is so nice we save $$ & its better than bought. We say goodbye to our swede neighbours and head off to Kaysersberg (voted 2017 french town of the year) which is not far way as these towns are all along the Alsace wine trail. K’berg is another beautiful town and after settling in the Aire which is only a small bike in from the old town, off we go.

After a pleasant walk around despite the heat we settle for another savoury Flammekurch, ale & wine and then resume exploring. We bump into a pom & his wife who were at our previous aire that live in Germany and we recommend the flammekurch. Its funny amongst all the tourists, you see people from around, met or unmet, from previous towns often as like me they probably wear the same clothes for a few days! Dr Albert Schweitzer is famous in this village as he was born here and there are statues and a museum about him.

We finish our sightseeing and head back to the van for lunch then decide to bike to a neighbouring village Riquewihr about 6 km away through the vineyards over the hills or 10 km the long way around but supposedly flatter terrain. Slightly out of town we turn off the road and after about 2 minutes bike on uphill gravel in 35c+ heat decide that this is going to do Vicki in, so we consult god google and opt for a slightly different tarmac route. Unfortunatly it is 4 km of uphill slope that is very deceiving from below but we struggle on with numerous stops for water and to get the heartrate down. Our bikes are really crap for this, as two 70 year olds wizz past on their bloody electric bikes on the hard parts while we push our bikes on foot. We pass a walking young couple (in sandles??!!) on a flat bit then they overtake us as we stop to avoid carking out but we finally reach what we think is the summit only to be rewarded with a 10 second downhill then uphill again. Finally we reach the downhill and are in the village quickly.

These villages continue to amaze and though similar, all have their own quirky feel. After a very quick orientation and to find a post box its off to a bar for a very well deserved drink. Vicki is an absolute trouper digging in out of her fitness &  comfort zone and I always admire her tenacity (or is it stubborness) not to give up. I wish we had been able to do this years ago when younger but better now than never. Funny enough as we take our well earned drink and cool down the young couple sit down at the same bar as if they were on a sunday stroll. How the heck did they get here just after us considering our mad last downhill dash!

We have an enjoyable look around which is easy when a lot of these are built in a circle for protection so you dont get lost or miss much. There is a lot of history in these places especially being close to Germany and the info place has guides so you can read about the buildings and their place in that history. The ride back is the opposite to earlier as there is an initial tough uphill for half a km or so, then basically downhill all the way back which really makes us realise how hard it was earlier. We arrive exhausted but really satisfied and so glad we made the effort. Lo and behold there are our Swedish friends who are parked up practically next to us.

It is still hot and hard to sleep but we move from maybe a cooler spot to another across the carpark away from the road which at 9pm is still really noisy, especially trucks and realise it is the main thoroughfare through this part of the Vosges range. At least it is a little bit quieter with the windows open which is a must. Tomorrow it is along the flat road we could have taken and to Ribeuville, and depending on how we feel and back up from todays effort we will leave Morrie and bike the couple of kms to Bergheim supposedly another must on the trail.


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