As we pack the van up and drive onto the water and toilet dump area our power point was very quickly taken over. We headed out of Belfort and onto the road to Eguisheim. We only had about an hour and a half journey to get there and the closer we got the more the vineyards took over the countryside. I thought we had seen a lot of vineyards since being here but on this side of the Vognes mountains they are really unbelievable. They stretch out like an ocean on all sides. There are many beautiful little villages they recommend that we see along the Alsace region. Eguisheim is the first of many here. The Alsace region is famous for riesling, gewurztraminer, pinot noir and pinot gris wines amongst a handful of others. Not many regions make gewurztraminer wine, but it is a favourite of mine.

We arrive at the aire in Eguisheim and it is just on the outskirts of the village and it is free. It is mid afternoon Sunday so we take a stroll into the village. Here you can see the German and Austrian influence with the tudor style of buildings. We are hardly in the village when the first winery beckons us to come and taste some wines here. A lot of people probably just taste the wine and walk away, but i always feel obliged to buy something. We dont really like the riesling we taste but it has been matured in oak and i think you have to like that added flavour of the oak. We both love the gewurztraminer so get a couple of bottles of that plus one other. We keep on walking and this village won the most beautiful village in France in 2013, so you can imagine how lovely it must be. We cant get enough of the stunning colours of flowers everywhere, they are just so spectacular and we cant stop taking photos knowing they will never do this place justice, the place looks so lovely. We love colour and this place is magic.

We stop for the compulsory drink which is very welcome as the temperature has been climbing the last day or so and we are now experiencing high 20s again but it is heading back into the 30s which isnt so great. Scot bought his first and i think last glass of this trip – a storky pills glass. The stork is a signicant icon in this region as they roost on top of the rooves, normally where people have erected platforms for them. It is baby season, so many of the nest have young in them which is a photographers heaven. Eguisheim was a fortified town and once fortification wasnt necessary they built houses against the walls such that the main street goes around in a circle. In the market square you find the typical fountain and church. When we went into the church it was the most beautiful feeling of serenity and calmness we have ever felt. The church was small and round shaped inside. Its hard to describe but in all the churches we have been into throughout Europe this was the one i think we will remember because of its atmosphere. It wasnt over powering with icons or other things, but it was like going into a cosy home.

This is a place Scot would like to have stayed a bit linger but we knew there were many villages like this to see here.


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